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My new one shot comic, Regalia is available now on Comixology. Click here to purchase it.


Issue 413 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 298 of Con Nachzehrer have both been released. This was an idea I had for a Rick issue during October. It was partially inspired by the fact one of my younger brothers loves Halloween and watches horror films throughout October to celebrate the season. No one in my family really likes Christmas though. I did throw some shade at a coworker for playing Christmas music the other day. My other inspiration for this issue was the fact that I worked some overtime last week. I did not have time to read the news as much as I normally do, so I went with Climate Change as a topic. I am also trying to avoid mentioning impeachment every week. Momentum is already there for impeachment. Additionally, as much as I do frequently bash Trump, I have always considered Rick to be an issues comic. More than criticizing politicians, this comic is about the issues. Stay tuned, more to come.

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