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Issues 478 and 479 of Rick, the Cryptologist and Issue 344 of Con Nachzehrer have all been released. This week of production was rough, partly because I did the extra issue about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is silly to say, given that this comic is practically read by no one and is just my hobby, but I find myself worn out by all the extra issues I have done this year. This has also been a bad year for me, as it has been for many of us, both personally and because of what is occurring in our country. So I am feeling drained. On the plus side, I canceled a vacation I was due to take in October because I got quarantined at the end of August. That means I will be better able to make extra issues of the comic if I think it is merited. I would almost guarantee that I will think it is merited. The only reason I am not just outright making the comic twice weekly until after the election is over is because I am not sure I could keep that commitment. As for issue 479 in particular, I have concerns about it. It is a bit tasteless, but I like the type of humor that pushes the boundaries of good taste. I am disappointed that kind of humor has fallen out of favor. In my personal life, sometimes I get accused of being insensitive because I tend to make jokes about tragic situations. I mean no disrespect, that is just how I cope, and I think a lot of people are that way. When I first began the comic, I really wanted to be a provocateur. My intention was to be offensive and I regret some of the early Rick comics as a result. Now I do not explicitly seek to be offensive, but I also do not pull my punches. I am not afraid to be provocative. Stay tuned, more to come.

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