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Issues 570 and 571 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 366 of Con Nachzehrer have all been released. This week I am rolling out a brand new code for the Rick, the Cryptozoologist archives. The biggest feature change to the archives is that it now sorts the characters by the universe they appear in. Additionally, the character tally is broken down by universe. I meant to roll out this feature change weeks ago, but I discovered 2 bugs in my old code. One of which I was able to fix, and one of which I was not. In light of this, I decided to completely redo the code for the archives from scratch. I was dragging my feet on this, due to the fact that it hurt my ego a bit to have found the bugs and not be able to fix one of them. I also discovered there is some basic Javascript knowledge I did not possess which would have made some of my coding easier. Anyway, the massive snow storm hit, and I was forced to call in to work for a few days(for the first time due to weather.). Having this extra time off finally gave me the time to sit down and redo the code. It manages to do what the old code did and more with far fewer lines of code, I hope it has turned out well. Stay tuned, more to come.

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