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My new one shot comic, Regalia is available now on Comixology. Click here to purchase it.


Issue 465 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 333 of Con Nachzehrer have both been released. Starting today, the release time for the sites comics has moved up to 2am on Friday morning. I did not announce this change last week partly because the comic is moving to an earlier time. It is not like it would be late. Anyone who looks for the comic at its usual time will find it. I also did not announce the change because the reasons for it are rather abrupt. I have stepped down from my supervisor position at my job and I am now in a non supervisory role. It was my choice to step down, but my bosses did push through the change very quickly, within a week. That is telling about what my work situation was. Anyway, my new position comes with a new schedule and hence the reason for the release time change. The comics this week were also produced together with the comics to be released next week. I am adjusting to a completely new sleep schedule and the way my new days off fell, it sort of eliminated a comic working day, so I decided to produce extra comics to cover the change. Stay tuned, more to come.

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and he will fix it ASAP.

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