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Issue 445 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 318 of Con Nachzehrer have both been released. The concept for this issue of Rick came to me fairly early. I wanted to do a comic that dealt with Coronavirus related layoffs. It was a fun script for me as a writer, because it allowed me to show a side of Rick that is normally hidden. I struggled a bit with what specific aspect the Coronavirus crisis I wanted to single out for focus on this issue. I try to make topics the comic covers vary a little from week to week, and the previous issue was fairly comprehensive. I picked the insider trading because it is utterly disgraceful. I also tacked the DOJ thing onto the end because it sickens me as well. The fact the government is infringing on our civil liberties was what started me on the path to making political comics. As a teen, I was disgusted as the government used the threat of terrorism to curtail our civil liberties. I may revisit this issue in the coming weeks. The Coronavirus is a good example of my views on civil liberties. I am not a strict libertarian. (I say that because every political party requires one to have purely black and white in addition to extremist views on everything.) I support the ability of the government to quarantine people, to shut down businesses and entire cities. This crisis is a very narrow set of circumstances in which I think the government should have expanded powers. There would be dire consequences if the government fails to act. This is a very black and white situation. Moreover, the crisis will last for a finite span of time. The powers the DOJ are requesting would enable them to suspend habeas corpus for any vaguely defined emergency. Any tyrannical leader, Democrat or Republican could abuse that authority for their own ends. I believe that if the government needs emergency powers, they should be granted under very narrowly defined circumstances. Those circumstances should pose an imminent threat to the American people with stark repercussions if the government fails to act. I don’t think the government should be able to just suspend habeas corpus if there a bunch of protests. I also think that if a crisis is to be long term, for years or decades, then we must adapt to it and find a way to uphold rule of law during the crisis. America is after all, a country that held a presidential election in the midst of a brutal civil war. Stay safe everyone, keep your distance, and stay tuned, more to come.

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