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My new one shot comic, Regalia is available now on Comixology. Click here to purchase it.


Issue 439 of Rick, the Cryptozoologist and Issue 312 of Con Nachzehrer have both been released. I opted to make the issue of Rick this week about abstinence only education. It seemed a fitting topic for Valentine’s Day. I would do more comics on offbeat topics like this if we had a normal president right now. I like doing these sorts of comics. In a sense, the issue this week gives me a break from doing serious comics. By coincidence, the issue of Con this week is fitting for Valentine’s day as well. I am about halfway through writing the next Con story. That is a years worth of comic. I am having a difficult time with it. I find Con difficult to write because I write it as 52 individual strips. I think of a years worth of Con Nachzehrer as a single episode. The pressure to write 52 punchlines and structure the story as individual strips is difficult for me. I am also exploring a new project. I may or may not be releasing another Webcomic/more digital comics later this year. (It would probably be digital comic issues later released as a Webcomic, running a few issues behind the digital comic.) I always have some extra project on the back burner. Some of them have panned out, more of them do not. Stay tuned, more to come.

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